Site Credits

I hate when I visit other peoples’ sites (especially WordPress-run blogs) and don’t know what cool software, plugins and tools people have used to make their sites. I’m going to try to maintain a list of all the things that I used in building this site, and maybe someone will get something out of it.

THE PLATFORM / is powered by WordPress, an excellent open source blogging platform that kicks tons of ass.

The HTML started out using the default WordPress template, but it’s been heavily mutated by yours truly, and 100% of the CSS is mine started from scratch.


I’m using a handful of WordPress plugins on the site.

  • Adsense-Deluxe makes it easy/possible to insert Adsense code into posts. I’m not planning on doing any more ads than things like Google’s “recommend Firefox” thing
  • Akismet checks comments against the Akismet web serivce to see if they look like spam or not.
  • Advanced WYSIWYG Editor adds a bunch of options to WordPress’s WYSIWYG editor.
  • Parent Pages lists a subpage’s parent pages, which should help people find their way around this dump. \
  • Ultimate Google Analytics has some very nice features for dealing with Google Analytics.
  • WP Lightbox JS is a simple, unobtrusive script used to to overlay images on the current page
  • WP-Amazon adds the ability to search and include items from Amazon to your entries


If you have other questions about how the site was constructed, feel free to ask. If it’s good, maybe I’ll blog about it. ;)